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Pedagogical policy plan

Children learn and develop themselves not only within the home and at school. A child care center is a venue, which also plays a large role in their development. That is why we have defined our pedagogical policy in which we have assumed four pedagogical basic objectives formulated by Marianne Riksen-Walraven, who in The Netherlands served as the first Dutch Professor of Pedagogy for childcare from 1998 until 2001.

The pedagogical basic objectives of Riksen-Walraven are:
  • emotional security
  • personal competence
  • social competence
  • teaching standards and values
The focus in the process of obtaining these goals lies on being together, having fun and learning in a playful manner. Partou offers a safe, stable and  familiar surrounding, in which every child can be who he is and receives personal attention. In this environment we organise activities that stimulate the children’s fantasy and imagination. For example: we take them outdoors, we exercise with them or make music. Personal attention and inspiration alternate in a natural way. This is how children pick up new skills and learn in a playful manner, from and with each other.

Stimulating the children’s development

Our pedagogical employees are the mainstay of our child care. They are the ones who engage with the children on a daily basis. And so we support them individually and as a team, holding regular meetings and providing them with training and workshops aimed at developing their pedagogical skills. 

One of the training courses we offer them is Video Interaction Guidance. How does that work? The pedagogical interaction between an employee and a child is videotaped. Afterwards the tapes are being analysed and discussed together with a trained Interaction Guide. With this method the employees learn to recognise initiatives a child is taking, which contributes largely to the stimulation of his development. They also learn how to explain actions in simple words. This creates an atmosphere in which children feel safe and which increases their sense of wellbeing. For every child, big or small, wants to be seen and heard.

From policy plan to working plan

The General Pedagogical Policy Plan Partou contains a complete survey of our objectives and their general practical implementation. All Partou locations have translated the general policy plan into a plan of their own focussed on their day-to-day working methods. These plans are called pedagogical working plans.


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