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Our care

Our daily activities are relevant to the children’s age and stage of development. For the age group 0 - 2  the method “Basic Playing” is our guiding principle: a child can drum with a wooden spoon or rattle with a small bottle filled with special rattling materials. Every activity is suited to the child’s phase of exploring the world around him. By doing this he learns, becomes enthusiastic, is stimulated and enriches his experience.
In the age group 2 – 4 we concentrate on language and speech, gross and fine motor skills, social interaction and personal development. One team member coaches the children in music, another teaches “beweegkriebels” (movement, play and active lifestyle for children) and a third reads to them. Once a month an external pedagogue teaches yoga to the toddlers to stimulate their social interaction, movement and motor skills.

Type of childcare

  • Day care
  • Out-of-school care
Group composition 
  • 2 groups for children from 0 to 2
  • 2 groups for children from 2 to 4 
  • 1,5 group for children from 4 to 12 (at the moment the majority of the children is 4-8)
Our center opened three years ago. When our day care children reach the elementary school-age, they can stay with us in our out-of-school care.

Picking up from school

We pick up our out-of-school care children from the following schools:
  • Palet Zuid
  • 2e Montessori ISA
  • Willem Alexander
  • Piet Hein
Our building
Our building is located in a quiet neighbourhood. The property has windows all around, so there is a lot of daylight inside. The lay out is tailored to the needs of children. A central staircase with low railings connects the three storeys with each other. Every play room is furnished in a homely and warm style with pictures of mom and dad and the rest of the family on the walls. Everything is clean and tidy and the colours are attractive. The rooms provide enough space where the children can play and have a wonderful time. The materials are adapted to the age group that plays with them.

Our playground

Our center is surrounded by a transparent garden full of natural materials which stimulate the children’s imagination. A tree trunk becomes a boat, the tree stumps are the islands. Babies and toddlers share the central sand pit. We make sure that the babies have their own moments during the day, when it is safe for them to play in the pit without being disturbed by older children. When the toddlers have their turn, they also play with the sand and make sand pies. Next to our own garden there is a public playground constructed and approved by the municipality. There are a swing, a seesaw and a climbing frame and we often take the children there. In summer when it is hot we go to the nearby paddling pool filled with water up to the children’s knee height in which they can spray and splash. Next to our garden there is a large lawn with trees in whose shade we have pick nicks. The older children also play football there. For our out-of-school care children we create an exercise course there. They also play on the playground within our premises and are responsible for tending our small vegetable garden. Our toddlers also make use of the course with their tricycles. Both toddlers and out-of-school care children always enjoy an outing to the children’s farm Elzenhove in Amstelveen or the goat farm in the Amsterdamse Bos.

Our team

Our team consists of qualified pedagogical employees who pay a lot of attention to your child. One team member coaches the children in music, another teaches “beweegkriebels” (movement, play and active lifestyle for children) and a third reads to them. We also have an  employee who did a course in ‘basic play techniques’ and an external coach who teaches yoga.

Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7.30 to 18.30 o’clock.

Accessibility & parking

Our childcare center is located in a quiet neighbourhood with ample, free parking space. Park your car in our street or in front of fitness center Buentink, from where you can walk a path to our center leaving the fitness center on you right hand side.


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