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Our care

Our out-of-school care is characterized by activities inspired by nature and technology. We organise workshops linked to these fields and the choice of our holiday outings is influenced by them. Every day we spend time outdoors with all the children. The out-of-school care children go to playgrounds in the Vondel Park, whereas the day care children play in the garden of our center or on the roof terrace. If possible they join the older children in the park.

Type of childcare

  • Day care
  • Out-of-school care

Group composition 

2 groups for children from 0 to 2
2 groups for children from 2 to 4 
1 group for children from 4 to12

Picking up from school

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we pick up our out-of-school care children from the following schools:
  • Tweede Daltonschool
  • Willemsparkschool
  • Amsterdams Montessorischool
  • Nicolaas Maes school
  • Cornelis Vrijschool
We do this on foot or by carrier cycle.

Our building

Partou Van Eeghenstraat is located in a three-storey mansion in Amsterdam Zuid. The two baby groups and one of the toddler groups have their play rooms on the ground floor; the room of the second toddler group is on the first floor next to the manager’s office. The whole of the second floor belongs to the out-of-school care group and is divided into different rooms each of which is reserved for a specific activity.

Our playground

Our backyard is right next to the Vondel Park. There are a sand pit, a hut made of willow twigs and a variety of materials to play with. On the first floor, next to the second toddlers’ room, there is a roof terrace with another sand pit and playing materials. Our center and garden border directly to the Vondel Park, where we often go and play.

Our team

Our team consists of qualified pedagogical employees who pay a lot of attention to your child. One team member coaches the children in music, another teaches “beweegkriebels” (movement, play and active lifestyle for children) and a third reads to them. We also have an employee who did a course in ‘basic play techniques’ and two who are educated in nature and technology.

Opening hours

  • Day care:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7.45 to 18.15 o’clock
  • Out-of-school care: 
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from school times to 18.30 o’clock (so closed on Wednesday)

Accessibility & parking

Our childcare center is located in the peaceful Van Eeghenstraat. There must be paid for parking there.


Would you like to register your son or daughter at Partou now? You can do so by filling out this form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Or would you like to take a look on the location first? That is also possible of course. We are looking forward to welcoming you in the Partou-location of your choice.

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