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Our care

In the toddler groups we carry out an Early Childhod Education (Voor- en Vroegschoolse Educatie / VVE) program. This is an overall program with which the pedagogical employees stimulate the children’s development in a playful manner. There are several VVE programs. We chose the one called Puk & Ko. Puk is a cheerfully coloured hand puppet that is the pivot of the program. He and the children have all kinds of adventures together, like building houses, baking cookies or making garlands, but also singing songs, listening to stories and eating together. Puk & Ko deals with ten different themes that are closely linked to the perception of the children. Every year five themes are being dealt with and after two years the cycle starts all over. All through the day the trending theme determines the nature of activities and the words we use. Everywhere inside the building the children come across material related to the theme. Apart from working on a theme or project we also organise activities for small groups of toddlers of for the whole group. 

Type of childcare

Day care

Group composition

  • One group with children between 0 and 2 years old 
  • One group with children between 2 and 4 years old 

Our building

Partou is located in a building that was specially designed as a day care center. It is spacious and safe with lots of day light and has a large outdoor space. Around the L-shaped hall five play rooms are situated. Opposite the toddlers’ play rooms are their bedrooms. The babies have their own bedroom inside their play room. The toddlers’ rooms are adjacent to the outdoor space, so it is easy for children and employees to step outside when the weather is fine. Most of the furniture is child sized which enhances their independence. The sink is at a children´s level, so they can wash their own hands. In every play room there are thematical corners, like a dolls’, a building and a reading corner. Children can play there independently. In every corner there is space enough for the children to play without bothering others. The building corner is for instance not accessible to children who are running around. So a tower of blocks being build there will not be knocked over. In another corner one or two children can quietly play together without being disturbed by others. Most of the cupboards in the storage area are open shelf units enabling the children to select toys on their own. Most of the decorations in our center were made by the children themselves and have to do with the current VVE-theme: pictures of recent activities, drawings, word cards and a thematic table. Wall decorations are exposed on the children’s eye-level.

Our playground

On our playground there are a play house with a slide and a large sand pit. The children can run and glide there or use the tricycles stored in our shed to burn up their energy. Children’s farm Brinkie is within walking distance. In the vicinity there are a few public playgrounds.

Our team

Our team consists of qualified pedagogical employees who pay a lot of attention to your child. The staff members of the toddlers’ groups have Early Childhood Education (VVE) certificates and have been trained in VVE and Language. They are experienced in organising activities that have to do with language acquisition.

Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 7.30 to 18.00 o’clock.

Accessibility & parking

Our childcare center is located right in the middle of the Gein district in Amsterdam Zuidoost next to a shopping mall and easily accessible by public transport (metro 50 and 54). There is ample free parking space.


Would you like to register your son or daughter at Partou now? You can do so by filling out this form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Or would you like to take a look on the location first? That is also possible of course. We are looking forward to welcoming you in the Partou-location of your choice.

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