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Frequently Asked Questions about My Child

Logging in

How do I access the platform the first time?
Partou will send you an e-mail containing a link to create a personal account. After your account is activated, you will be forwarded to your child(ren)’s daily journal. 

Did you lose the e-mail? Contact our Customer Service Department at 088 235 75 00 and you will be sent a new e-mail with a login link.

How do I access the platform after the first time?
You can log in via the My Child button at or the My Child app using your account details (username and password). 

What do I do if I forget my password or username?
You can request these in the login page. You access the login page via the My Child button on the homepage. Next, click on Forgotten Password/Username. You will then be sent an e-mail containing your username and instructions on how to create a new password.


How is the information on the children safeguarded?
All information and photographs on the platform are stored in a secure environment. Only those with a login code can access this data. Authorised users are two parents/guardians per child and employees of the day-care or out-of-school care centre. All staff members have a personal login code.

The following measures have also been taken to protect your child(ren)’s privacy:

  • There is no facility on the platform for distributing photographs. This means that you cannot forward pictures directly to Facebook or other websites.
  • Group pictures may be posted in the system by staff members, showing your child and other children in the group. You can download these pictures for personal use. We ask that you do not distribute or post these photographs and to consider the interests of other parents and their children. We cannot prevent you or other parents from posting such pictures on social media or distributing them in any other way after downloading. If you want to limit the risk of disclosure of pictures, you can withdraw your consent at any time and indicate that you do not want pictures to be taken of your child for use and distribution on the platform.
  • The User Agreement and Privacy Statement contain a detailed explanation regarding the use of photographs on the platform. When you create your account, reference will once again be made to these documents.
  • The group’s iPads are connected to the Branch Manager’s computer. If an iPad gets lost or stolen, the Branch Manager terminates the connection immediately so that it is no longer possible to access the platform in any way. All data stored on the iPad will also be deleted remotely.
  • Without a login code and the Branch Manager’s connection, none of the group staff can access the system.
How is the technical security of the platform structured? 
We use a secure connection via an SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection. This is the same security measure used by banks for online banking. This certificate enables the user to see that he or she is communicating with the server.

Use of the My Child platform

Can my spouse or ex and I have separate accounts for accessing the platform?
Yes, you will both receive an account if we have both of your e-mail addresses. If not, you can send your e-mail address(es) to our Customer Service Department.

Won’t using the system be time-consuming for the staff?
The system is very user-friendly and the staff members take turns using it. This ensures that their focus is on caring for the children in the group. At the day-care, the system replaces any paper journal or the portfolio. At the out-of-school centre, daily use is limited to a brief group report with one or two pictures. This does not take much time to create and will not detract from the attention paid to the children.

I would like to use the system, but don’t want my child to be included in the photographs. How can I arrange this?
When creating an account, you can indicate whether pictures may be taken of your child for use on the platform. You can change this in the platform at any time under the My Account button. A profile picture is taken, however, of every child. This clearly shows the staff (and any temporary staff) when taking pictures which children may not be included in the photographs.

How can I receive information on my child if I don’t use the platform?
If you do not wish to use the platform, the most important information on your child(ren) will, of course, still be provided in person when you pick up your child(ren) at the end of the day. But paper journals will no longer be used at the day-care centre.


Does this system replace the usual personal communication when dropping off or picking up the child(ren)?
No, when the child is dropped off or picked up, specific topics that were also shared with you via My Child that same day will be discussed in more detail. The platform serves as a complementary feature. The platform can, however, reduce some of the stress when picking up your child(ren) if you are already aware of the events of the day.

Will I also receive the centre’s newsletter via the platform?
No, the platform does not have a function for sending an entire newsletter. The group staff members can, however, use the platform to answer brief questions and provide you with notifications.

Will the day-care centre pages be removed from the website?
No, the day-care centre pages will remain on the website. The introduction of the platform means that the website will not be used as often to post pictures from the centre.

Can I also send notifications and ask questions of the staff via the platform as I would normally do by e-mail or phone?
Yes, the mailbox functionality on the platform is intended for parents and staff members to share information and ask/answer questions. So the mailbox can replace the use of e-mail/phone in some instances.

Group staff members will read all messages at the start and end of the day and respond as quickly as possible. Throughout the day, the employees will only monitor this mailbox occasionally. So the mailbox is not intended for urgent notifications.

The team account (e-mail accounts) for the centre will still be used.
Will I receive notification when there are new messages?
Yes, the app has a push function to notify you of new reports and messages.

Do the staff members receive notification of new messages?
No, they do not receive a separate message about this. The staff can see all messages and responses from parents on the platform in order of receipt. They read newly posted messages at the start and end of the day and, if necessary, respond as quickly as possible. Throughout the day, the employees will only monitor this mailbox occasionally. So the mailbox is not intended for urgent notifications.

The team account (e-mail accounts) for the centre will still be used.

Finding your way around the platform

How can I best learn to use the platform?
The web portal has a Help function with a link to instruction pages that explain the various functionalities. You can also contact our Customer Service Department if you are unable to find the information you need.

The app does not have a Help function. The functions are created to be intuitive.

Technical problems and questions during use

How do I report problems or ask questions about the use of the platform? 
Contact our Customer Service Department.

Storage of photographs and messages

What happens after my child is no longer enrolled at the day-care or out-of-school centre?
The platform has a function for downloading your child’s entire daily journal. This is a great lasting memory for your son or daughter. 

Want to also save the best pictures in a larger format? We recommend designating these pictures as Favourites in the photo album, so that you can easily save them individually.

During your child’s enrolment at the centre and until two months afterwards, you can download the daily journal and save pictures on your phone or computer. 

As long as you have another child at a Partou centre, your login details can still be used.


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