Mijn Partou – parent portal

Soon a new parent portal will be launched. This portal replaces the ‘Mijn Kind’ platform. In this new parent portal, as in the previous version, we will share the experiences of the children with fun pictures and reports. In addition to the above, the new system also offers other functionalities. As from next year, you can also arrange practical matters, such as exchanging care days and requesting extra days. 

Download the app!

The parent portal uses the ‘Konnect’ system, an Internet application for childcare. For this, you need to download a new app, the Konnect OuderApp, in the App Store or Google Play Store:

From the start of the new portal, we will no longer share picture and reports via Mijn Kind!
In addition to the app, the parent portal can also be accessed via a web portal: https://partou.ouderportaal.nl

Logging in for the first time

You will receive an e-mail with a link that allows you to log in for the first time. If our customer administration system holds two e-mail addresses of parents/carers on record, both parents/carers receive a separate e-mail.
If you open the ‘Konnect OuderApp’ (or log in via the web), you enter your user name (this is stated in the e-mail) and the password you created yourself. The first time you see the login screen, you will also be asked to enter <uw domein> (your domain). You fill in here: partou.ouderportaal.nl.

Link expired or password forgotten?

Has the link to log in for the first time expired or did you forget your password? Go to https://partou.ouderportaal.nl or start the App and click on Wachtwoord vergeten (forgot password). Enter your debtor number in the username field. This number can be found on your invoices. Click on send. You will receive an e-mail to create a new password.
If you are unable to resolve it this way, you can always contact our customer service.


The new parent portal offers additional functionalities. We will start by sharing pictures, reports and practical messages.
  • you can notify us of your child’s absence via the parent portal
  • From now on, Newsletters from your branch can also be found in the parent portal
In 2019, we will include additional functionalities allowing you to arrange the following via the portal: 
  • exchanging care days
  • requesting additional care days

Permission for pictures and diary updates

The system allows you to manage your own permission settings for taking and sharing pictures of your child and receiving diary reports. In the App, you can do this via Meer/Mijn gegevens/Mijn toestemmingen. In the web portal (https://partou.ouderportaal.nl ) via Mijn gegevens/ Mijn toestemmingen.

Privacy statement and user conditions

The parent portal runs in a properly secured environment. More information about the security of data in the system can be found in the privacy statement. The user agreement explains what you can use the application for, for what purpose employees use it and what the agreements about pictures are.

Notification mails and push messages

By default, fault you will receive a number of notification mails. For example, when our employees have uploaded a new daily report or a picture of your child. If you do not want to receive these mail messages, you can disable this. In the web portal, you can do this via Mijn gegevens/ mijn instellingen. In the App, go to Mijn gegevens and the cog icon. From here, you can also manage the App push messages.

Saving pictures/diary Mijn Kind

The pictures and diary from ‘Mijn Kind’ are not transferred to the new portal. You can download these from the Mijn Kind App or the Mijn Kind web portal until the end of 2018


If you have any questions or problems when creating your account, or if the system is not clear or when experiencing or technical problems, please send an e-mail to klantenservice@partou.nl