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Privacy and cookies


Partou complies with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act.

The Partou Privacy Rules explain how we comply with these requirements.

My Child

The User Agreement and Privacy Statement for our My Child online platform can be found under information on the security of our data within the system. 


The most frequently asked questions on the platform can be found here.


Here you will find all information regarding Partou’s cookies.

Our policy regarding cookies

We strive to inform you openly and as fully as possible about the cookies that are used on We use cookies to improve the usability of our website and to show advertisements and other content related to your interests. Here you will find an explanation about cookies and comparable techniques, and their uses. If you want to, you can disable cookies. On this web page we will keep you updated on the developments regarding cookies. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer. Cookies enable us to collect anonymous information about the usage of our website and to improve and adjust it to the wants of our visitors. The cookie does not contain personal data. Cookies are stored locally on the computer of telephone. The cookies that Partou uses can be categorized in functional, analytical and tracking cookies. 

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of our website, such as an automatic log-in or the auto-fill of your data. Also, your cookie preference is saved. 

Analytical cookies

These cookies enable us to measure the surfing behaviour of visitors on our website in order to increase the usability. 

Google Analytics: A tracking service that gives us insights in the behaviour of the visitors, with the aim to improve the user experience. Also, insights are gained in the results of advertisements on third-party websites. 
Google Tagmanager: A service which helps us manage which cookies can be placed with the visitor of our website. 
Hotjar: A tracking service that helps us find out what can be improved on the website to improve the user experience. 
Visual Website Optimizer: A tracking service that helps us with evaluating, testing and optimising our website. 

Tracking cookies (first and third-party)

Cookies that are used to record surfing behaviour so that it is possible to show relevant advertisements or cookies across multiple domains. 

Google Double Click: Cookies that collect information about how the user used the website. This information is used to show the most relevant advertisement for a specific user on third-party websites. Double Click uses anonymous cookies. These cookies collect data about your behaviour at our website and store them under an anonymous identification number. No personal data such as IP-address, name or other data is stored. 

Google AdWords: Cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to show on third-party websites (Google) the most relevant advertisements for a specific user based on your recent searches. Google Adwords uses session and persistent cookies for its advertising products.

Facebookpixel: Cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to show on third-party websites (Facebook) the most relevant Facebook advertisements for a specific user based on the behaviour on our website. 

Facebook: The options to share and like content on Facebook. 
Twitter:  The option to share content via Twitter. 
Linkedin: The option to share content via Linkedin.
Youtube: The option to share content via Youtube.
Google+: The option to share content via Google+. 
Pinterest: The option to share content via Pinterest.

Blocking cookies

If you block cookies on, you can still visit this website. However, it is possible that you no longer can use all parts or functionalities of the website. 

Delete or disable cookies

If you do not want to receive any cookies, you can also change the settings of your internet browser to block cookies entirely. How you can disable or delete cookies is explained here:


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