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Calculation tool

You can calculate your net childcare costs by filling in our calculation tool (2018 version)

Instructions Calculation Tool Partou

Currently, our calculation tool is only available in Dutch. However, these instructions will help you to calculate your gross and net childcare costs.

Step 1: Income Details ‘Inkomensgegevens’

  1. The height of childcare benefits is based upon total income. At ‘Verzamelinkomen’, please enter your total income (your income and, if applicable, that of your partner, totaled).
  2. At ‘Kleinste omvang dienstverband’, enter the number of working hours per week of the partner who works least.

Step 2: First Child ‘1e kind’

  1. At ‘Naam kind’, enter the name of your child.
  2. At ‘Opvangsoort’, select the type of childcare. ‘Dagopvang’ means day care, ‘Buitenschoolse opvang’ is out-of-school care.
  3. Select the number of weeks of childcare you want at ‘Contractvorm’.
  4. Select your city at ‘Selecteer de stad’.
  5. At ‘Vestiging’, select the location of your choice.
  6. Now, for each day of the week, select the time slots of childcare you require. ‘Maandag’ is Monday, ‘Dinsdag’ is Tuesday, ‘Woensdag’ is Wednesday, ‘Donderdag’ is Thursday and ‘Vrijdag’ is Friday.
  7. Now you can enter another child at ‘Wilt u nog een kind aanmelden?’ or calculate the costs at ‘Berekenen’.

Step 3: Calculation ‘Berekening’

  1. Under ‘Kosten kinderopvang per maand’ there are the costs of childcare per month. At the top there are the gross costs, followed by the amount of childcare benefits and the net costs.
  2. Under ‘Inkomensgegevens’ there are the income details you entered at step 1.
  3. Below that, are the details for each child individually. Then, in this order, there are: type of childcare, number of hours per month, gross costs, average hourly fee, childcare benefits, net costs and net costs per hour.
If you need any further assistence, we are more than happy to help you. Call our customer service at +31 88 235 75 00.


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