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Development baby

Every baby has its own rhythm

Everyone is unique. And that uniqueness starts in infancy. When it comes to sleeping, eating and changing diapers, every baby has his or her own rhythm. At Partou, we always keep this in mind.

We make every effort to make your baby feel at home. That is why we make the transition from home to day care as easy as possible. Respecting the baby’s individual rhythm plays an important role in this. By feeding and cleaning or taking him or her out of bed at familiar times, we make sure your child quickly feels comfortable and relaxed. Bringing a favourite cuddly toy from home can help in this process.

After a while, babies gradually adapt to the rhythm of the older children. It goes without saying that this transition always takes place in close consultation with parents. You can also follow your baby’s daily routine on our My Child app. Together we can keep track of your child’s development.

Healthy food for healthy babies

Healthy eating can never begin too early. That is why, at Partou, we serve varied and nutritious food each and every day. Even to the littlest ones.

More and more young children are becoming diagnosed with illnesses related to food, allergies and obesity, so we devote extra attention to a healthy diet. Babies in particular receive special attention as they gradually get used to eating solids. Food should be healthy, but also tasty. Fruits and vegetables with mild flavours are pureed, so that babies can slowly get accustomed to eating. When a baby starts eating solids, we start by serving a healthy sandwich. All babies, toddlers and schoolchildren drink water, tea and milk at Partou. Sweetened drinks and concentrated juice are avoided as much as possible. We also serve healthy alternatives during snack time, such as fruits and snack vegetables. Is your child celebrating his or her birthday and wants to serve treats? Our pedagogical specialists have great ideas for healthy alternatives.

Babies also love to spend time outdoors

Spending time outdoors is very healthy for babies, not only for their immune system, but also the development of their senses and motor skills.

Everything is new to babies. The world is one big playground. There is so much to experience at the day-care centre, especially outside. Whenever possible, we have the babies spend time outdoors. Together we explore nature: listening, looking, smelling and feeling. We listen to the crackle of leaves, roll in the grass and listen to the wind blow. All of these experiences contribute to your child’s sensory and motor development. And are healthy, too!

Pedagogical coaches

A day-care centre is more than just a place your child spends time until you pick him or her up. Enjoyment and development should be promoted equally. Our pedagogical coaches make sure this happens.

At Partou, we want every baby to feel at home and to develop through play. That is why every region has a designated pedagogical coach. This expert helps and assists our staff with tips and advice. Our staff also undergoes additional training on a regular basis through video interaction guidance in which the coach and employee together watch video images of the interaction with the children. Does the child feel comfortable? How is he or she developing? This training allows our staff to enhance the quality of their work on a continual basis.

Music for children and babies

Children are crazy about music. Babies and toddlers love it when you sing or clap for them. Music also has a positive effect on the development of a wide range of skills.

Almost all young children get excited when they hear music. Or sleepy, of course, when hearing a lullaby. Music (and especially singing along) stimulates speech and language development in children. Clapping, moving and dancing also helps them improve their motor skills. This starts as early as infancy, although at a very gentle pace.

This is reason enough to have a designated music coach at all Partou day-care centres, who is trained in special music activities. Even the littlest ones can take part in their own way by, for example, attentively listening to all the different sounds, songs and instruments. This lays the foundation for future development, musical and otherwise.

Babies learn more quickly when playing together

The first steps, the first words... Babies learn through play. And they develop even more quickly when together with children of the same age.

Babies are initially focused on themselves. But it does not take long before they seek out more and more contact with peers and adults. Playing in a group lets babies learn from each other. They imitate one another, giving them all kinds of new experiences. At Partou, we promote this by encouraging contact between the babies. We do this with fun activities like making music together, playing with toys together or exploring the enclosed play area together. When babies are lying on the mat next to each other, we play a joint round of peek-a-boo with them. And we encourage babies who have just started crawling, celebrating the first few metres covered. This lets us bring babies into greater contact with their surroundings and learn more social skills, which in turn encourages them to learn new things.

Sleep tight

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. All first impressions are processed with their eyes closed. And that is best done in a quiet environment.

When sleeping, babies recover from all the impressions of the day. This is very important for the development of young brains. That is why babies always sleep in a quiet and uncluttered bedroom at our centres. We especially make sure that their sleeping place is safe, not too hot and with enough fresh air. Naturally, we also check on them often, making sure they are able to relax fully.

Since no 2 babies are alike, we always try to find out what relaxes each individual child. Babies who have a hard time falling asleep are given extra attention, such as staying with them longer in order to reassure them. During the initial meeting, our pedagogical staff will discuss your child’s sleeping habits with you. This lets us create the perfect dreamland together.

Familiar faces and a sense of security

Babies love structure and predictability. New surroundings and faces make them uncomfortable. That is why we offer them a warm and friendly environment with the same familiar faces.

For many young children, it is important to see the same faces often. This puts them quickly at ease in a new environment. And that is very important. A baby who feels safe has more energy to explore the world and develop.

At Partou day-care centres, your baby is always attended to by the same staff members. They build a bond with your child and know exactly what your baby likes and doesn’t like. They get to know your baby better and better, letting them tailor the care specifically to your child. As a parent, you are always in contact with the same staff members. This also creates a bond and helps us coordinate your child’s care.


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