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Development toddler

School time? Your toddler is ready!

Your child can enrol in preschool from the age of 4. This is a huge and exciting step. We do everything we can to prepare him or her for this transition.

In the toddler group, the focus is on having fun. Time flies by and, before you know it, your child’s first day of school is right around the corner. This is the start of a new chapter in the life of a toddler at an unfamiliar place with all kinds of other children. Talk about a whole new experience! At Partou day-care centres, we make sure our toddlers are ready for preschool. We talk about school. What happens during a typical school day? Do you nap at school? When does it start? And where do you hang up your coat? We even talk about going to the bathroom alone, taking off your jacket by yourself, speaking up in the group and so on. All of this is aimed at making the transition to preschool a smooth one.

Daily outdoor fun

Whenever possible, we have the toddlers spend time outdoors, where they can have fun while learning about the world around them.

Toddlers love to play outdoors, exploring things together with their friends. Actively using all of their senses lets them experience each season differently and learn how nature is full of surprises. This means seeing, smelling, listening, feeling and learning a little more each day.

We do all kinds of fun outdoor activities together with our toddlers. Together we look at everything growing and blooming. We put our bare feet in the sand, smell wet autumn leaves, and listen to the birds sing... This teaches toddlers at a young age how wonderful nature is and how important it is to care for it.

Healthy food for healthy toddler

Healthy eating can never begin too early. That is why, at Partou day-care centres, we serve varied and nutritious food each and every day.

Toddlers have definitely left the baby stage. There are virtually no restrictions to their diet, as long as everything is the right proportions. They also develop their own taste and can suddenly say, “No, don’t like it!” That is why we devote extra attention to a healthy and varied diet. We try to make all food as good-tasting and colourful as possible. We serve very limited amounts of sweets, salty or fatty foods. This means serving plain cream cheese instead of salty cheese spread, for example. Toddlers drink water, tea and milk at Partou. Sweetened drinks and concentrated juice are avoided as much as possible. We also serve healthy alternatives during snack time, such as fruits and snack vegetables. Is your child celebrating his or her birthday and wants to serve treats? Our pedagogical specialists have great ideas for healthy alternatives.

Toddlers and physical activity

Physical activity is both lots of fun and educational for toddlers. It helps improve their motor skills, self-confidence and social skills.

Daily movement under guidance teaches them to trust in their body. They become more comfortable with themselves as a result. Toddlers feel proud as a peacock the first time they stand on one leg or jump with both feet off the ground. At Partou day-care centres, we encourage toddlers to get lots of physical activity, preferably outdoors. We use all kinds of challenging equipment for this, such as steps, beach balls, balloons, pellet-filled bags, cones and hula hoops. It goes without saying that our pedagogical experts are always there to lend a helping hand. All this physical activity gives toddlers the confidence to challenge their own limits and progress by leaps and bounds.

Pedagogical coaches

The day-care centre is more than just the place your child spends time until you pick him or her up. Enjoyment and development should be promoted equally. Our pedagogical coaches play an important role in this.

At Partou, we want every toddler to feel at home and to develop through play. That is why every region has a designated pedagogical coach. This expert helps and assists our staff with tips and advice. Our staff also undergoes additional training on a regular basis through video interaction guidance in which the coach and employee together watch video images of the interaction with the children. Does the child feel comfortable? How is he or she developing? This training allows our staff to enhance the quality of their work on a continual basis.

Children love music!

Exploring music together is important for toddlers. It not only gives them lots of pleasure and a sense of belonging, but also contributes to their development.

Toddlers are quite skilled at dancing, singing and playing the drum by nature. Their musical talents can be enriched with a little help. That is why our toddlers have a weekly musical activity. This includes moving to music, learning ‘new sounds’, making their own sounds on musical instruments and singing songs together.

At Partou, music is an essential component of the programme and our staff is specially trained in this. One of the staff members is also a designated music coach who supports the team in preparing and carrying out all those fun and educational musical activities.

Toddlers learn best through play

How do you transform a cardboard box into a house? How do you make witch’s soup or a loaf of bread? We help toddlers discover these kinds of things for themselves.

Toddlers love to learn new things, especially when challenged with imaginative play materials and surprising activities. At Partou day-care centres, they are given plenty of opportunity to discover their own world. They learn all kinds of new skills at their own pace through such activities as building a house out of a cardboard box, making witch’s soup outdoors from mud and leaves and visiting the local bakery to see how bread is made. The activities are varied and fun. Everything revolves around experimenting and experiencing. And it doesn’t have to be something completely new every day. Toddlers also love repetition, such as playing in the ‘building corner’ all week long or hearing the same book read aloud every day. Not only are these fun activities, but great for concentration as well!

Toddlers learn from each other

The very first friendships are forged in day-care. Not only is that fun for the children, but also very beneficial.

Whereas babies are mostly preoccupied with themselves, toddlers are much more interested in each other. Going on an adventure with friends is the greatest thing in the world to them. They learn a huge amount from each other by spending time together. This usually happens naturally. Toddlers come up with their own solutions through play. They learn how to stand up for themselves and how it feels to be the centre of attention. Our pedagogical experts encourage contact between them and help them out when necessary. If one of the children, for example, closes their own jacket for the first time, they’re applauded. We also try to let the children make their own decisions as much as possible. We let them horse around with their friends, laugh until they cry and lose themselves in their own imagination.


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