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Early Childhood Education (Voor- en vroegschoolse educatie or VVE)

At Partou you can count on excellent care of your child in a safe and loving surrounding. Personal attention and having fun come first. Partou is also the spot where fantasy and imagination are given a free rein. We inspire the children by offering them surprising activities, which help them to explore the world in a playful manner. Every day something special, that is Partou!

What is Early Childhood Education?

Partou offers children from 2,5 to 4 years old a special program: Early Childhood Education (Voor- en Vroegschoolse Educatie or VVE). This is an overall program in which all stages of the development of children are dealt with. In a playful manner it prepares them for elementary school. You will find VVE in a number of Partou day care centers and in locations that provide care for toddlers. By executing this program on both locations Partou is ahead of the future where the government is planning to abolish the division between day care and care for toddlers in order to prepare all children for elementary school as well as possible.

Playing together and learning at the same time

The Early Childhood Education program is carried out by pedagogical employees who specialise in the learning process and development of young children. The activities they do with the children stimulate their social-emotional development and increase their language abilities. They range from crafting, making music and playing circle and activity games. In this way children acquire certain skills already at an early age. Every child in his own way and at his own pace.

Does your child qualify for Early Childhood Education?

The responsibility of the execution of Early Childhood Education is in the hands of the municipalities. They decide which group of children they see fit to qualify for the program. They might focus on children with a language deficiency or children who lag behind in their social development. Usually by way of the Child health care centre (Consultatiebureau) and indication is being issued to the child. The terms  of  such an indication, the requirements on the quality of  Early Childhood Education and the costs for the parents differ per municipality.

On the website of your municipality you will find more information.


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